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  • $30,000
Sydney NSW, Australia


Almost set and forget, monthly income from a long term buy, own and lease back, rental agreement, over 20 units already in place, 16.6% cash return, Federal Government investment allowance 100% could be available depending on your circumstances.

Become part of the ethical animal friendly farming revolution, earn a return with this fully managed investment.

The Egritech RV650 Chicken Campervans are purpose designed and built campervans to Australian standards and conditions to efficiently deliver animal welfare, husbandry and security while also ensuring incorporating operator advantages including easy set-up, relocation, monitoring, maintenance and cleaning to support the collection and “harvesting” of eggs.

They ae leased to a national company involved in PASTURE EGG production and supporting alternate animal well being egg production approaches.

Features and operation of the Chicken Campervan RV650 are illustrated in the online video.

Features include:

• Housing for 650 laying hens to meet PROOF11 and RSPCA standards,

• Conveyor belt for egg collection

• 6 x automatic and manual pull out shade/shelter doors on gas struts

• Automatic open/close nesting boxes powered by solar

• Rollaway nesting boxes

• Adjustable levelling on nesting boxes (for slopes and uneven ground)

• Lighting system

• Adjustable levelling for whole of unit providing a wider use on hilly country

• Constructed of Australian made Galvanised Steel

• Dimensions – 2.4m x 8.4m including working platform

This campervan allows for hens to roam freely during the day and nest at night in safe surroundings.

Design ensures a savings of time over conventional nesting boxes with straw and sawdust which require egg collections (sometimes) 2-4 times a day, and a large percentage of eggs that require washing.

The Coopecabana Chicken Campervan RV650 can be moved by standard transport. They include levellers, wheels, and tow bars – no specialized tools required.

The Coopecabana Chicken Campervan RV650 is manufactured by Egritech Pty Ltd. Campervans are built to Australian engineering standards for structural integrity, maintained to best operational and hygiene standards (PROOF/RSPCA, food standards and biosecurity requirements)

It should be noted there is no industry certification standard for campervans, caravans, trailers or mobile sheds for chickens.

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  • Investment: $30,000
  • Industry: Rural & Farming
  • Type: Business
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  • State New South Wales
  • Postcode 2745
  • Area Sydney City, Sydney North, Sydney Outer West, Sydney South, Sydney West

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