Health Product Business For Sale

  • $25,000
Laverton VIC, Australia

Health Product Business For Sale

Laverton VIC, Australia
  • $25,000


I started my company up as a small business from scratch in 2015 in my home. By the 3rd year in operation, revenue reached $120k with around $10k profit plus $25k in wages, and the business was contributing towards rent and bills, car expenses, and other living expenses associated with the business totaling more than $8k. Despite doing well for a few years, personal circumstances got in the way and I had another baby last year and so my priority towards the business has slipped and I haven’t been able to work on it at the same capacity that I used to and so revenue dropped to $70k the previous financial year and then around $40k the last financial year. The sale price is based on the current valuation based on the last financial year. There is some work that needs to be done in order to bring it back up to its potential and even further, it just needs a fresh set of eyes and hands and level of expertise in order to do so.

Price is open to negotiation depending on what is on offer.

The business:

Supply high-quality, raw ingredients that can be used for home-made cosmetics, skincare, home care, or other natural health products, whether for home DIY projects or for manufacturing or wholesale business.

I have spent 5 years sourcing from the best suppliers and working out the most cost-effective way to package and market the products while passing on the savings to the customers without compromising on the quality of the products. I ran this business without doing any paid marketing whatsoever, sales grew organically, so imagine the potential for growth if you do have a proper marketing strategy!

Business comes with:

-about $5k worth of stock, packed and unpacked (retail worth anywhere from $15 to 20k)

-equipment includes computer with all files, laserjet printer and large desk, packing equipment, shelves and other office supplies.

-website, domain, social media accounts (150followers), ebay accounts (4000 feedback)

-all rights to logos, branding, Pty Ltd company name, photos etc.

-intellectual property including all files, tables, charts, photos, labels, everything I used to market and run the business,

-list of all my suppliers

-I have trusted international VA’s that I can connect you with

-I will commit at least 2 to 4 months of my time to help train and mentor you and offer you tips and advice to pass on everything that I know to help you to run and manage the business on your own

-insights from competitors

-product and other business growth ideas that I never got around to implementing in order to grow the business further

You will need:

-space for stock and packing bench; a double garage is perfect

-office space for computer and printer and smaller stock

-once you grow the business, you can get a warehouse with office space

-time and motivation to commit

Reason for selling:

I started this business so that I could stay home and look after my children and it served me well when I had my first two children, but it continued to grow and when I had my last child, I realised I no longer had the time and motivation to commit to this business anymore. I am also studying and heading towards a different career path so have no time to build on this business anymore. This has been my baby for 5 years, and it has served me very well, so I would love to see this go to someone who can really bring life back into it and take it to where I would have liked it to be. This would suit anyone wanting to run a small online business from home as a family or solo, with the opportunities of taking it to a warehouse or more.



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  • Listing ID: 7067
  • Investment: $25,000
  • Industry: Retail Store
  • Type: Business
  • City or suburb Laverton
  • State Victoria
  • Postcode 3028
  • Area Melbourne West

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