Getting Started: Business Brokers

1. Set up your company profile

Once you have received access to your Agency account, the first step is to check and update your company profile. To do this, log in and select the account icon on the top right of the menu bar, select Dashboard, then My Profile. The information in the company profile can be publicly viewed, except for the password. If you wish to keep certain details private, such as the office address, you can keep the address field blank.

Interested buyers will be able to get in touch with the agency using the email address and/or phone numbers listed in your profile.

The next step is to create agent accounts for the Business Brokers in your company.

2. Create agent accounts for business brokers

Log into your Agency account, and select the account icon on the top right of the menu bar, then select Dashboard, then Agents.

Click Add New to create a new agent account. Here, you’ll be able add a unique username, the broker’s email address, first name and last name. You’ll also be prompted to create a password. There’s an option to send the new user an email about their account – this will only include information about their username, not their new password, so you will need to provide them with the password you created.

If you forget the password, the best way for the agent to gain access to the account is for them to reset the password by clicking “Lost your password?” when trying to log in. 

You can also view, edit and delete the broker’s agent account under Agents in the Dashboard

What is the purpose of the agent accounts?

We recommend adding listings via your agency account and attributing the listings to either the agency or the respective broker. By having agent accounts, you’ll be able to assign listings to the correct broker, and that will mean all buyer enquiries for those listings will be emailed to that broker. 

If you choose to attribute the listings only to the agency, then all the enquiries for that listing will go to the email listed in the agency profile.

Agents won’t be able to add listings unless they have their own package, therefore we recommend only adding listings via your agency account so you have visibility over how many listings you have created every month.

3. Add your listings

Once your package is activated, you will be able to create listings. Log into your Agency account, and select the account icon on the top right of the menu bar, then select Dashboard, then Create Listing.

If you would like your listing to not have a price or to show that it is under contract, simply put the text into the price field.

Once you click submit listing, it will go into Pending status for review and approval by our team.

To view your package details, visit your Dashboard and select Package.

4. View and edit listings

To view your listings, go into your Dashboard and select Listings.

If you would like to put a live listing on hold, simply click on the Actions button and then then On hold. Deleting your listing will make that listing unrecoverable.

You can view your listings by their status by clicking on a specific status or by clicking on All to view all.  

To edit a listing, click the Actions button and then Edit. Once changes have been made to a listing, the listing will go into Pending status for review and approval by our team.

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