Goodwill Calculator

What is "goodwill" when buying a business?

Goodwill is the intangible value of a business such as its branding, clientele, customer loyalty, patents, technology and other value that makes the business. It is what makes the purchase price of a business higher than just the fair market value of all its assets less liabilities.

How do you calculate goodwill?

If a business has an asking price of $200,000, has assets of $100,000 and liabilities of $50,000.

Use this formula to work out the value of goodwill in a business:

Goodwill = Price - (Assets + Liabilities)

Goodwill = $200,000 – ($100,000 + $50,000)

In this case, the goodwill is valued at $50,000.

Goodwill Calculator

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Calculator Disclaimer

The results from this tool should be used as an indication only and does not constitution financial advice. Always seek professional advice prior to purchasing a business or making a serious business decision.

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